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Equipment for Molten-Aluminum

ALFINE (Aluminum Holding Furnace)

An Energy-saving molten-aluminum holding furnace comprising CERACO HEATER® and one-body molded bath made of NICACERACOⓇ.
The molten-aluminum is maintained at constant temperature by heating with CERACO HEATER® (an immersed electric panel heater).
Each chamber is heated and controlled separately with CERACO HEATER®s, so that the power consumption can be decreased.
Due to the closed-type, it inhibits the formation of metal oxides. Accordingly, the clean molten metal can be supplied from the furnace.
A degasser or a filter can be set to purify the molten aluminum.

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CERACO HEATER® (Immersed Heater)

CERACO HEATERⓇ is the immersed panel heater unit where ceramics heater is set in a panel case made of thermal- shock -resistant ceramics "NICACERACOⓇ".
Excellent energy saving

This immersion type heater can efficiently transfer heat to the molten metal, so that power consumption is reduced significantly compare with a heater heating from outer or upper side.

Easy maintenance

It can be replaced even during operation in the molten metal.

Improve quality of molten metal

Temperature is maintained uniformly throughout the molten metal and therefore formation of metal oxides can be inhibited.

High power and long life

The heater is high power and long life because it is made of ceramics.

High thermal-shock-resistance and excellent durability

The panel case is made of NICACERACO®. Therefore, it has high corrosion-, thermal-shock-, and crack-resistance. So the heater has excellent durability.

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Transfer Ladles

Combining the features of one-body molded bath and highly-efficient heat-insulating material, the ladle has advantages in  heat retaining and workability.
Excellent heat retention by effective insulation

The molten metal is kept at high temperature during transportation.

Keeping the ladle warm by large heat-accumulation

Keeping the empty ladle warm by large heat-accumulation.

Easy to remove metal oxides because of anti-wettability to molten aluminum

It is easy to clean the ladle. Refractory is not damaged.

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System Sensor (Metal Level Sensor)

“System Sensor” is a new type of measuring system. The level of high temperature molten metal is measured easily and accurately.
Outline of System Sensor ™

In this sensor system, first, ceramic pipe is put into the molten metal and an inert gas is supplied there, and then changes of pressure are converted into electrical signals. Thus, the system can indicate the level of the molten metal digitally.
By using various types of outputs, different interlocks are available. The system can be used for various applications, such as indication of the time to supply the molten metal into a furnace, full level signals, warning signals, etc.
“System Sensor ™” for low-pressure casting furnaces is now under development for the market.

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Leg Heater (Portable Immersed Heater)

Portable Immersed Heater
Portable immersed heater for heating and warming molten aluminum.
It is easy to set, remove and handle. So, it is suitable to use as a spare heater for heating molten aluminums in case of emergency or etc.
Using a temperature controller, temperatures of molten aluminum are controlled.
Portable temperature controllers are also available.
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