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Equipment for Molten-Aluminum

  • ALFINE (Aluminum Holding Furnace)
  • CERACO HEATER® (Immersed Heater)
  • Transfer Ladles
  • System Sensor (Metal Level Sensor)
  • AIMEL (Molten Aluminum Pouring System)
  • Leg Heater (Portable Immersed Heater)

Heating Furnaces & Heat Treating Furnaces

  • Car Bottom Type Heat Treating Furnace
  • Vertical Type Pit Furnace
  • Recirculating Electric Furnace
  • Mesh Belt Furnace
  • Heating Furnace for Forging
  • Ladle Preheating Furnace
  • Organic Material Calcining Furnace

Glass Furnaces for Arts and Crafts

  • Glass Furnaces for Arts and Crafts


  • NICACERACOProducts

Ceramics Products for Sale

  • Ceramics Products for Sale
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